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Kyokomachi Odorikotai
  The “Kyokomachi Odorikotai” started in 2004 as NPO group, a nonprofit organization. The name of “Kyokomachi Odorikotai “dates back to the Edo period.
  Iemitsu Tokugawa, the 3rd Shogun along with his followers, was said to have received a warm welcome on his arrival to Kyoto with a heartfelt dance performed by some young ladies of the city.

  Today, our group, “Kyokomachi Odorikotai“ has revived this dance, “Komachi Odori” for welcoming visitors. Thus, tourists to Kyoto have the opportunity to see our performance.

  “Kyokomachi Odorikotai ”consists of young ladies from fifteen to thirty of age, and we do practice while each member is working or going to school.
  With members’ personalities and abilities, our performance is continuously developing into more unique one.

  From Kyoto, we travel all over Japan as well as to other parts of the world as ambassadors of Kyoto.
  We promote the excellence of Japanese national dress Kimono and the beauty of Kyoto!
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